Free Home Alternatives To Treat Your Hair Loss

The old adage “anything worth having is worth doing” holds true in the realm of home remedies for hair loss. While more men and women are resorting to more drastic measures to cope with thinning hair, there are plenty of treatments-free alternatives that have proven to be just as effective.

At first, these remedies might seem a little outlandish and way out there; however, after some research and talking to others who have tried them, you will soon realize just how effective these treatments are at treating your hair loss problem. Here are some top home remedies for hair loss that have proved successful.

These remedies use herbs, oils, essential oils, and other types of extracts such as saw palmetto, aloe vera, turmeric, and horsetail extract. While they don’t really address the main cause of your hair loss, they certainly work to decrease the symptom. And like any other hair treatment, it will take a lot of these remedies to see improvement, but you should see results within a month.

Some of the most common ingredients in home remedies for hair loss are saw palmetto, aloe vera, and dandelion root. All three have been proven to stop and reverse hair loss, so it’s a good idea to see a doctor before using these on your own.

If you would rather avoid using medications on your own, this is one of the safest home remedies for hair loss that you can find. However, the herb Vitex can be very strong, so be sure to talk to your doctor about using it or do it under the care of a professional.

While a lot of people who suffer from hair loss use dandelion leaves and ground it up and used as a shampoo and conditioner for their hair. However, you might want to try an alternative way of using dandelion and olive oil, which works really well.

One of the ingredients you should be careful of when looking into home remedies for hair loss is basic. It is used to stimulate the scalp to start growing hair again, but you should avoid this ingredient at all costs since it can make your scalp extremely dry and scaly, which can lead to irritation.

If you want to try something a little different, try mixing olive oil with lemon juice, which is a very effective natural remedy to try. Most of us know that the grapefruit extract known as Bioflavonoids has shown to promote hair growth.

Of course, the most commonly used ingredients in home remedies for hair loss are herbs and essential oils. Unfortunately, not all of these are proven to work, but there are some very powerful remedies out there that do show great promise.

If you have tried using some of these natural products and aren’t seeing results, then you may have to get professional advice. Some of the most effective remedies require medication to be taken orally, so if you are not familiar with taking this type of medicine, speak to your doctor before trying.

So if you haven’t yet started looking into alternative home remedies for hair loss, now is the time. While many of the ingredients might sound pretty unconventional, these treatments have been proven to work well, and you should definitely try them before moving on to more drastic measures.